Day ONE – Post 1 =)

It’s 9:00PM and I’m writing a draft that I seriously have no idea if I’m going to post or not.

I’m about to decide whether to start the 365 project I’m thinking of, or just let go of the idea.

It might look easy and I know you will say” hell yes, why not?”, but to me this will be more than a post everyday.

It’s a commitment I’m not sure if I am willing to take.


But All I know right now that the two comments I got from two of my dear email followers are overwhelming 🙂

what they both said means a lot to me. they gave me a reason to continue. They did =), and they are probably gonna read this right away 😀


And now looking at the past 10 posts or something, I realized I was dragged away from my happy thoughts, and I’m so pissed I let it happen! Now looking back at them I realized what two of close friends were saying three weeks ago, that I wasn’t normal, I wasn’t myself for the past month. I guess now I can’t argue with that.


I’m bringing back the sunshine to my life! I AM!

( you will still have to read some of my dark thoughts sometime later, but for now, I’m sticking to happy posts 😀 )




Post ONE – Day ONE:

No matter how old I get, LION KING still gets me every single time!

I was like “ohhhh <3” when Ciara and kuvo got together. Would a normal 19 year old do that ?! =D


*happy thoughts people, happy thoughts (: *


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