this 365 project makes me really feel how slow life can be.

it’s like I’m counting everyday, it’s like I have to leave a good impression every single day- or that’s what I think.


But at the end of the day, I know I’m somehow lucky that I get the chance to say something that could change someone’s life, every single day.

and also I get to have a say in whatever I want everyday. I can mark everyday by something important I decide to do.

I can get someone to do something he longed for, if only I chose the right words to say.


I can, am, and will do what my heart urges me to do.


Meet my best friend.. :)


what if you were obliged to eat one type of food for the rest of your life? What would it be?



Think again..



NOW! be thankful that you can wish for something like that and actually make it happen RIGHT NOW!

El7amdolellaah (:


Knowing the reason behind the things you have to do, gives you insight.  It convinces you more, that’s for sure!

I’d like to be that kind of person who knows everything behind what I do, because I’m 100% sure it will make the action of  “doing” a totally easier and much more fun thing to do.


I miss my long philosophical notes.

It’s like I need to have one of these conversation with someone that would get me to think of a way around, that would make me question myself twice before I say anything, that would make me think about what we said at night before I go to sleep.

I need “that” kind of inspiration again..I miss my thinking process..


I can remember quite well, as if it happened yesterday.

I had my last final exam (one that was delayed before, and scheduled on Friday for some reason). I guess my dad has this idea of making me stay at home in his head, but thank God he never said it out loud.

We drove to university making sure no one, neither me nor any of my friends, would take his car that day, becuase we knew there was a big march from our campus to elta7rir.

We finished our exam after two hours, just like any other one, only to get to find another world awaiting.

Daddys and mommies waiting for their children outside the door of the “students city” where we have our exams – just like they used to do in “sanaweyah 3amma”, exactly!

I was surprised.

and then we two policemen came along, literally kicking us out of the city, we couldn’t figure out why.


And at that moment I suspected something isn’t right, I grabbed my mobile just no find a red sign indication no signal. at first I thought it was just mobinil or my mobile.

looking around, I found half of my friends screaming they couldn’t reach their parents.     I was certain.

without going into further details of how two of my friends were so close to crying because we couldn’t call our ride home – isn’t a good memory at all!

and how when I got home, my momther grabbed me and nearly cried, she thought something happened to me.

and regardless of the fact that it took my father 2 hours to find a way other than “kobri seta october” to get home, and how he entered with red eyes and he was coughing just as he was dying.


It was a nightmare.


So after all the crap I said, let’s inspect another part of the story..

I can’t imagine that there was a young egyptian man trying to call his mother, wife, friend, children to tell them where he is right now, and that he is happy and thrilled to have witnessed this day, and that he is also proud he has the chance to be a part of this, adding (or wanted to add) that he would be home late tonight.

he thought to himself, ” I’ll go check how is it going out there, and I will call you dad to fill you in with the updates, maybe you and my siblings could catch up with me.”    -I guess he never had the time to do so..


or from the other side, the mother that was asleep when her son got out early in the morning to “gom3a prayer” leaving her a note that he will head afterwards to elta7rir. she woke up to find out that cairo isn’t as the same as it was yesterday. It was A DAY! she tried calling him, but to her disappointment all she could get was the news, and nothing more..

she was asleep, he was in a hurry..

she never had the time to say her goodbyes..



And if we only knew the real stories, it would tear our hearts apart.


اللهم ارحم شهداءنا اللهم آمين اللهم اسكنهم جنات الخلد اللهم آمين يا رب العالمين ارحمهم


I urge you to turn off your mobile, even if for a part of the day. I’m sure you could let go of your bbm for a day, can’t you?


I need to learn two very crucial things:

first: know how to fake. (feelings not treatment with others of course)

second: to know when to let go of something I love when I have to.

Because to me, letting go was always the hardest part …


Farewell FP. (:

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