The explanation..

And it just hit me! in a blink of an eye I knew what was wrong!

” I can multi-function, but I can’t when it comes to human beings!”


As simple as it could be; I could be asked to organize two events, prepare for coming party, drive people anywhere they wanna go, help my mom out in some house courses, all in one day or simultaneous days. BUT when it includes interacting with other people, I fail, and that’s when I have to prioritize people and screw whatever I’m doing, or nail what I have in hand and lose them for a while. Story of my life…

that is what happens over and over again. I engage in some kind of new activity or whatever, and I meet new people, and then BAM I find myself drifting away from the old ones. happens every single time!


But then whoever is reading gonna think ” oh she’s the type of girl that meets new friends, and forgets about the old ones “.



The way I see it is like that, people are mind-dazzling creatures, but they could also be a freaking energy suckers!

People can easily suck the energy out of me, not becuase I’m always out of energy, but it’s because I always exert double the energy and willingness in anything I do for any creature! I over-give, and little do I find in return -not always of course.

and let’s not forget the main reason; logically when anyone new comes into your life, it’s like you’re both setting off on a trip to discover yourselves together! In order to know that, you have to exert just a little more effort so you could figure out the mystery standing in-front of you, so simply I get a little bit drifted, I set on this “up hill trip” and leave behind anyone I know, out of concentration, out of foolishness maybe, whatever you’re gonna name it, It’s what I always end up doing.


I admit.

And now I know that while busying myself with discovering some – turned out to be- stones, I was about to lose some precious diamonds I have.


My life is in a bit of a mess right now, because there is so much going on, and with the pre-finals phase starting ( studying; the 2nd best thing that can drain my daily energy), I’m barely moving.

All I can realize right now is this; I know now things I didn’t before! I know now I have two precious diamonds that know me more than I do!

I have a bunch of new friends that truly care about me and willing to do whatever it takes to get me back on track.

I know I have a life others dream of having, I know that in a way or another; I’m blessed!

And I have no intention of ruining this year, I’m not! And I won’t let anyone do so!

You have my word…


P.S ” Thank you dear friend for getting me back on track, you truly give me the right push just when I happen to need it the most..”



3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Ahmed Nabih
    Dec 23, 2011 @ 18:56:48

    YEAH! *applause*
    WOHOOO *whistly whistles*

    NOHA *crowd cheers*


  2. Ahmed Nabih
    Dec 23, 2011 @ 19:11:38

    Phase clear =)


  3. Noha Ahmed
    Dec 23, 2011 @ 23:27:54

    hahaha 😀
    commentaaak da7aknyyy!! 😀

    semi clear 🙂
    I still need to take an action, to clean the mess I left behind..


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