YOU THINK YOU HAVE TROUBLES?! SEE THEIRS FIRST!! (blash lel mokta2ben asln!)

A friend of mine ( a very dear one) has been telling me for the past 5 days about an episode she has seen about an interview done with the mentally-ill patients in abbaseya hospital. She kept on nagging on how mind-changing it is. I kept on smiling while listening to her stories, because I really didn’t picture what she was saying.

And then BAM out of nowhere I find two my friends sharing the episode. I decided to watch …


I couldn’t. I couldn’t continue 5 minutes of it. it’s HEART-BREAKING!

tears were running down my cheek, I couldn’t believe my eyes!

True dramatic stories, very tragic..

and we want to end our lives because a boy left us! PATHETIC!!


I know that everyone thinks his problems are the biggest in this whole wide world, I can’t blame you (I thought exactly the same HALF AN HOUR EARLIER), all I am asking for is for you to watch this episode, and remember, always remember, that no matter how huge your problem is, there are people out there with bigger worries; left out kids, abandoned grandmothers, soliders dying everyday for a cause they can’t totally understand, mums losing their sons for drunk drivers, and the list goes on and on…



minute 47 of the video, I couldn’t watch it all, I skipped parts (half of it actually ) and I can’t stop my tears…

el7amdolelaaah alf mara 3ala ne3met el3akl, at least we know what the hell we’re saying, EL7AMDOLELAAH.

I am tounge-tied right now.

I’m just asking you to watch this video, I’m not emotional, I’M NOT!

but what I have just seen is overwhelming, and I challenge anyone to watch the whole episode without a tear shed.


(it will never be acceptable for people to leave their loved ones behind LIKE THAT! NEVER EVER! screw this damn freaking life that allows people to be that COLD-HEARTED. screw success,fame, and money if that’s how we decide to live our lives. )


You were right my friend, absolutely right!

” SILENCE .. “

يارب اشفي كل مريض


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