A message that I won’t deliver!

Today is a record for me. I’ve written around 9 notes on my mobile, and they are all ready to be published instantly!

I’m not sure whether this is just a normal flow of ideas, or is it because I am trying all day to get my mind off the stress and tension I’ve been feeling since the morning?!


Anyway I will leave you with one of the notes:


Ever since we were young and foolish, She has always been the one that falls too hard for almost everyone she meets. She’d like anyone so quickly, and that somebody would fall for her too. She was, is and will always be a person of morals and affection. She’s worth the love anyone has ever showed her.

But then after a while everything would come trumbling down.
I have no idea what happens but suddenly she’s not in love anymore and she ends the story we have been hearing about for months.

She was always the one that gets her heart broken as much as she breathes. She is so fragile and none of the boys really understood this. Even though they promised they would never do her any harm.
They did eventually anyway.

And after all these years, she still falls in love insanely and so easily. She’s still struggling through her love story. She is love-blinded. She is under his spell. She can’t operate well anymore.

so Dear my dearest friend, you deserve better, Im not saying he is bad or anything. I am just saying you should get the hell out of this circle you’ve been living in for almost 2/3 years.
Be happy even if your love life is not that well. We both know it gets better everytime. And even if it doesn’t, we both also know that another one would come around eventually.

The one that would defientely be worth all of your love, at last.


I miss you my friend ..I truly miss you and your loving heart. The way you used to get us all together. They way we used to laugh until we cried. I miss US (:



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