tal3en yedoso fel shit!! <3<3<3

What else could a person ask for more than to be loved!

I know love isn’t everything, and it fades away sometimes.

But if you have people around you that love you, now, that’s what really matters.

Stop asking for more out of them, and you’ll have them by your side as long as you want to.

Family is what matters. Friends that you consider family do too.


People matter.


And if I ever learned anything from my LOVELY college, I’d know by now that a person can never live alone, we’re supposed to mingle and get hurt on order to learn.

Besides the fact that I always state; we’re born alone and we die alone. But we’re meant to live together in between.

Love the people whom care about you, and let go of those who don’t. And that’s when you’ll really know how does it feel to be loved in return.

لا تقبل بأقل من ما تستحق (:


THIS IS A POST I WROTE 4 HOURS AGO AND SAVED IT, and said maybe I’ll publish it today before I sleep.

But then ironically REHAM AYMAN ELHAWARY blew a surprise in my face.

She did me a surprise for my 19th BD, she made me a video and gathered all the ppl I LOVE in it.

starting from my freshman college buddies, nour w nahla w nouran (: and also my school friends aya w aya who happen to be my college friends as well! (:

and TBS guy, to geddo! to PAINTING FRIENDS!<3

to EU PEOPLE!<3<3<3 heads and OFA MEMBERS passing by also her amazing college friends whom I really love, ending by nani (our next door amazing friend!)

I CAN’T EVEN DESCRIBE HOW DO I FEEL RIGHT NOW!!! I don’t know even where to begin!

This video made me think about everything I ever did to anyone, and how their love that showed in it, made everything I ever did WORTH IT!

you showed me that it’s worth it to be me! just me!

Just the way I am (:

You couldn’t make this any better (:

w law fy kelma aktar mn thank you yenfa3 a2olha, kont 2oltaha!


Thank lel nas ely tl3et feh w ely sawar w 3amal edit w ely ra2as w zamar 😀 THANK YOU (:


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