My very first part of the 12th of November!

Since 10 pm today I ‘ve been fighting to keep myself awake, because I never felt that sleepy since like forever! and It’s only 10 pm!

But I refused to give up! =D

I stayed up till now -2am, and am so freaking happy I did (:

My phone has been ringing non-stop for the last hour and fb posts are overwhelming. I know it’s very easy for anyone to write a facebook post, but one post of 5 usually turns out to be something special said by someone dear to your heart.

I received double the no of phone calls I receive every year, from people I NEVER thought they would call. Messages were also pretty honest and loving! (:

It’s 2:30am, 12/11/2011, and I can’t believe am actually 19 now! yes yes am only 19! =D but it was never about the age nor the size, was it?! =D

And Because of all the love I’ve seen today, I ‘m eternally grateful. And because today I knew how much effect I have on people (I have no idea why did they have to wait for my Birthday to say so! =D but I’m glad they did anyway (: ).

I also had a mini feedback from a recent friend today that totally made my day, I know she will be reading this tomorrow or maybe even today! (: it’s an achievement that I am honored with, that she sometimes writes, but still I could say what’s on her mind; she relates perfectly to what I write.

Just like my two other friends who ironically only told me that today! (:

I’m happy. I am right now! and I intend to try to keep this spirit till tomorrow, because I know It will soon disappear once I start” the study before you fail campaign! :D” It’s almost midterms and I’m in my LALA land! 😀

So thank you to everyone who has wished me a happy birthday and thank you for making my special day even more special (:!

I’m 19, I’m really growing up! Daddy’s only girl is almost an adult now.   “a genuine smile on my face “.

Good night people, I truly wish you all the best of luck. Be happy, I swear we all deserve to be.

And to whoever person that can’t be happy today, well I’m only gonna tell you ” this too shall pass..”

And I guess I will be updating you with the 2nd part of my day tomorrow, regardless of the fact that I might not do anything special =D!


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