When words are left unspoken.

And after all these years, the way he looks at her is still filled with all the words he couldn’t say.

The way he lightens up every time he hears someone say her name. The way he smiles uncontrollably whenever he speaks of her, even though he tries so hard to hide it.

The way he stares at her friends every time wondering why is she missing.


He kept his promise; he still thinks of her as a God’s gift to humanity. He still has feelings for her, after all these years.

For him, things didn’t change that much; he stills keeps every thought for himself. He still writes these letters and fold them into an envelope and stuff them in the same old drawer.

He once decided that he will never ever tell her how he truly felt when she was around. He never really told her.



And what he also never knew is, she used to sneak peak at him when he wasn’t looking at class. She used to miss her ride to school with her friends just so she can pass by his home when she’s on her feet. He never knew that she wrote the very same letters but never had the courage to leave them by his locker. He never knew that he was the real reason she decided to stay in town for her senior year and not move out with her parents.


They both never knew what was behind that look they shared. They never said anything.



And after all these years they meet, share a moment and turn away like they always did back then. I guess now is too late for him to say hello.


He leaves to pick up his daughter from school, while she drives away with her husband by her side.

They never said.

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