An early dedication..

I promised to hold and cherish you no matter what happens, I will be there to share all your laughter, and still be there to scream with you through all of your downs. I will always be here, even if my presence is all about staying silent beside you.
I promised myself the day I met you that no one will ever take your place.
I made a promise in front of the whole world that I will never let you go.
You hold my hand and the whole world stops for a second. You look me in the eye and everything else is just a mirage. You smile and the world seems like a perfect place to love in.

What I really wanna say is, life is less intimidating when you’re around.

And if i never had the chance to tell you so, then I think now is the right time.




P.S: Since none of this makes sense to me, this is a dedication from me to any two who share what I tried to picture. So anyone is free to share this with the person they’d choose.

Stay happy and remember the personal promises you made; you really don’t want to be the person that can’t keep his/her promises, would you? (:


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