If you only made the best out of it..


لمواكبة الأحداث : صوتك أمانة

For the past couple of days, as a sign of objection, i didn’t write anything.

I really felt it’s not appropriate at all to write anything down while there are Egyptians murdered and tortured inside my own country.

Even after the nagging of some friends, I didn’t change my mind. I just couldn’t.


And although I still see it as a bit inappropriate to write, but I believe things are better now – a bit better. So my post for today is as simple as it could be: HAVE A SAY.

I need you all to have a say, make up your opinion, whether it’s by voting e5wan or liberals or maybe not voting at all (which I’m definitely against), the thing is, I feel that this elections might be different than any previous one.
And if we both know that there is a slightest chance that this time our VOTE is going to make a DIFFERENCE and we ignored that fact, then SHAME ON US.


So I’m not mentioning any political views of mine. All I wanna say is for the past couple of days, things around me got me really interested to dig deep into everyone’s electoral program (in a normal state I WOULD NEVER DO THIS) and so I did. And I’m thrilled I did really!

for those who don’t know me, this is a very big change for me. Although I’m a political science student, but sometimes when it comes to politics I don’t pay much attention, But NOW I’M and I’d definitely try to always do so. (:


At last I will leave you with my latest status : meen kan yesada2 en elnas tb2a katba 3l fb status talba fy info 3n morasha7en w help 3n ela7zab, ay na3am ana so3’yra fel sen bas ana msh fakra eny 3omry sm3t en ente5abat magles elsh3b 7ad mohtam beha zy elmarade. w ba7awel aftker ana kont basma3 eh kol mara fl ente5abat, bas msh fakra. As I said, I’m optimistic. w even those who arent going to vote tmrw, they took a decision based upon opinions they formed. I can’t remember we had any opinions before. This time, by all means, it’s different 🙂 and a small msg lehom : اللى مقاطع لعدم اقتناعه بشرعية المجلس. هييجى يوم المجلس يمشى وهيفضل المجلس اللى انت ماشاركتش فيه برأيك


w k mosahma meny this is a link that I highly recommend you download. I uploaded feeh 5 files that has been of a great help to me personally for the past two days. N,B: for madinet nasr residents




1- Go early. The earlier the better.
2- Please memorize your serial number and your candidate’s serial number. This will save time in the process.
3- It would be better if you have a company, check with your neighbors.
… 4- Stand in the queue, take the time to vote. It’s gonna be a long day so get a bottle of water and wear comfortable shoes.
5- To all girls, please dress appropriately no jewelries, no bags.
6- DON’T talk to anyone you don’t know.
7- DON’T promote your candidate or try to talk anyone into anything.
8- DON’T be intimidated by anyone.
9- If you see any fraud or manipulation, report it to the nearest judge.
10- if u r going to photo any abnormal thing as an evidence do it in a silent inapparent way.

Take care, thieves have started to take as much IDs as they can.

Vote for a better Egypt. It is the right thing to do.


يوم الانتخابات خد بطاقتك معاك ( حتى لو كانت منتهيه
2- اقف فى الطابور و ما تكلمش حد خالص ( عشان ميبقاش فى جدل و مشاكل )
3- اعرف قبل ما تدخل مكان اللجنة و رقم اللجنة الفرعية و رقمك فى الكشف
4- ادخل اللجنة و استلم ورقتين و اتاكد ان عليهم الختم بتاع اللجنة الانتخابية من الضهر
5- متعلمش على الورقة الا ورا الستارة ( عشان الموظفين و المندوبين ميعرفوش انت مع مين )
… 6- حط ورقة الفردى فى صندوق الفردى و ورقة القايمة فى صندرق القايمة
7- لو غلطت و حطيت ورقة الفردى فى صندوق القايمة هيبقى صوت باطل فبلاش تبطل صوت القايمة و تحطه فى صندوق الفردى ……لا حطه برضه فى صندوق القايمة
8- وقع فى الكشف و اخرج من باب الخروج
9- لما تخرج و حد يسالك عملت ايه ……قل له (كل خير ان شاء الله)
10- متقفش تانى فى الطابور لان الجيش هيعدى كل شوية يشوف الصوابع واخدة حبر فوسفورى و لا لأ
11- روح بيتك او شغلك….. و ادعى ان يتولى من يصلح

إني حقا أعترض

To me, it sounds very ridiculous to write anything- today. I can’t sit on my laptop tonight and write down how I feel about something.

I can’t.

Not while Egyptians youth are being killed and tortured by other Egyptian people. (Army, Police whatever it is, I don’t care!)


I admit that for the past 4 days I’ve been so passive about what’s happening in Tahrir square.

But that’s because starting this week I had no time to open and check any news except for some statuses on facebook, which I couldn’t do on a regular basis either.


So today, I announce that I, noha ahmed – the “msh 2adra atfrag 3ala a5bar ba2a wel ham dah” girl is objecting on the massacre happening right now as I write this post.

I’m not mentioning any political reasons, I’m objecting because of a humanitarian reason.

That’s it for tonight folks!!


اللهم إحفظ بلادنا

A message that I won’t deliver!

Today is a record for me. I’ve written around 9 notes on my mobile, and they are all ready to be published instantly!

I’m not sure whether this is just a normal flow of ideas, or is it because I am trying all day to get my mind off the stress and tension I’ve been feeling since the morning?!


Anyway I will leave you with one of the notes:


Ever since we were young and foolish, She has always been the one that falls too hard for almost everyone she meets. She’d like anyone so quickly, and that somebody would fall for her too. She was, is and will always be a person of morals and affection. She’s worth the love anyone has ever showed her.

But then after a while everything would come trumbling down.
I have no idea what happens but suddenly she’s not in love anymore and she ends the story we have been hearing about for months.

She was always the one that gets her heart broken as much as she breathes. She is so fragile and none of the boys really understood this. Even though they promised they would never do her any harm.
They did eventually anyway.

And after all these years, she still falls in love insanely and so easily. She’s still struggling through her love story. She is love-blinded. She is under his spell. She can’t operate well anymore.

so Dear my dearest friend, you deserve better, Im not saying he is bad or anything. I am just saying you should get the hell out of this circle you’ve been living in for almost 2/3 years.
Be happy even if your love life is not that well. We both know it gets better everytime. And even if it doesn’t, we both also know that another one would come around eventually.

The one that would defientely be worth all of your love, at last.


I miss you my friend ..I truly miss you and your loving heart. The way you used to get us all together. They way we used to laugh until we cried. I miss US (:



My everyday life is tiring.

Every single day I have to make choices I don’t want to make. Every single day!


It tears me down bit by bit.


I’ve got to tell him how it feels to have to live this life. the life he shaped for me.

I’m not whining, but it gets too much to take some days. And lately, it’s a living hell!


He has to know…



Or no, after second thoughts I might keep it all in, I know it won’t matter anyway.

I’ve tried a thousand times before. We won’t work the way I imagined we would.

He won’t get it. And I won’t try any harder.



The End …

To the fighters who are having their midterms! =D

Midterms are around the corner!!!

I have to deal with this reality the whole weak, I have to remind myself every day by this fact.

So I decided to share my worries with all the people having their midterms now (almost everyone except GUCians 😀 )


So people listen, This is YOUR exams, these are the grades YOU will have to deal with for the rest of your life.

You might lose a job opportunity based on a grade that was so bad (knowing that all the others were so good). You might not get to apply for a job because they only allow the people who got a high GPA or a very good grade to apply! (I faced this situation last summer, I couldn’t apply for a certain training because they wanted the grade: very good, which is definitely not my grade :D)


So when your parents worry about your studying, don’t get mad. I know they sometimes can get over your nerves! I know!

But it’s for your good trust me!

Now All you have to do to get them off your back, is to show them that YOU really care about this more than they do. That you know how important this is for YOU, and YOUR future. (deep deep down we all know what they say is true!)


So try to do so today.

Have a talk with your parents and let them know that you really do care, and after you’re done with the talking part, go ahead and actually do something about it! LIKE FOR EXAMPLE: go study! =D

Studying sucks and we all hate it (later on when we have to wake up every morning to go to work, we will beg for another exam!) but we HAVE TO anyway.


So I suggest that you do yourself a hot cup of anything you like (caffeine will be needed) and arrange your stuff, every subject alone and whatever you have to do to start your day with an organized mind.

And then I also suggest that you CHANGE the usual place you are used to studying in. No beds are allowed at all! =D

So you could either go sit in your parents room, your sister/brother ‘s room. even the kitchen! =D or you could easily go out study in an open air place to lift up your mood. ( the sun is amazing at the early morning! (: )


The point is: change your place, get yourself into the mood and START shaping your future! (:

Good luck everybody! I truly wish you all get through your midterms with good grades.

and remember:  إن الله لا يضيع أجر من أحسن عملا


P.S she3ary l haza el3am! ” AH YANYY! FEPS MEGANENAANY!”

– If we could only live the day and then rewind, we’d know that every night we are really on a tight schedule. so maybe just maybe we would stop wasting so much timee!! 3aaaa!! =D

And that’s when they ‘accidentally’ lose me.

If  it ever happens and you succeeded in making me talk against my will, then you have to listen until I get it all out.

Don’t make me open a subject I am avoiding and then remember that you have to go somewhere all of a sudden after you fulfill your curiosity.

Because That would be the end of “us”. No more chit chats!

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