If I were a boy..

How does it feel to be a boy with a broken heart?

We girls aren’t angels, we sometimes break others hearts. We can become so cold hearted and cruel at times!


I have never thought about how would a boy feel if he was so much in love and at the end he was stabbed in the back by his one and only.
Do they think of getting revenge from every girl after her, or do they lose hope in love and give up and just mess around whenever they can.
Or maybe the smallest portion of them says:” maybe this is not meant to be, I’ll find someone else one day.”


I am not saying i get it, because i don’t.
Because  I believe that girls and boys definitely don’t feel the same after a break up.
And to me, it’s more of who was deeply involved in this relationship, and not only about their genders. Girls are soft and kind, boys can be too.


I hope that all the broken-hearted boys know that we’re not all the same, we’re not that cruel and indifferent.


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