من أعماق قلبي

we fall and we rise.

we lose friends. we lose family. we lose love. And we even lose ourselves sometimes!

we’re swinging! we make decisions, take paths, and we sometimes reach a dead-end. we give up and shatter. we stand up and fight. we lose and we win.

We are what we are, because we’re meant to be. We face what we face, because we’re supposed to learn from it. we sometimes lose to appreciate victory. We are who we are! Never be ashamed of that!

Be true to yourself, there is no need to lie to your mind. It’s the only thing that I guarantee you, won’t leave you behind. It might fail you one day, but still the next day, you could still be friends again!

All the scars you have, all are a sign of where you’ve been. It shows that you’re a fighter. It shows you Human Progress. your progress! And God if we only look back and appreciate what we had and what we have right now, if we only look back and understand that really everything happens for a reason, and that everything WILL be okay in the end. Even if it’s an unexpected bad okay, still you’ve benefited from it by a way or another- you might not know it now. But God has a purpose, God has a bigger picture that we will never be able to comprehend. God puts obstacles along the way, leaves us on crossroads; only to test our actions. And in the end I believe you’ll go through whatever you’re meant to go through, but it’s YOUR choice to do it the right way by God on your side, or maybe just take the easy way out, and lose your morals along the way.

If we only knew what God has kept away from us, we’d fall more in love with where we are. we’d fall more in love with our merciful creator.

لعله خير



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