The first step on the road.

I’ve always dreamed of doing something extra special that I would be recognized for later on.

Exactly like this girl that decided to ride a bicycle to work. I’ve always thought; what If we were civilized enough to allow a girl to ride a bicycle without harassing her. And then because I know what it’s like to just WALK in the streets of Cairo, I always thought of it as a very bad idea.

And this video I’m posting proves me right. They just couldn’t leave her alone!

I truly admire the step she took. The way I see it, is like this ” her, against the streets of Cairo”. And I can’t possibly imagine the hell she goes through EVERY morning. But nothing comes easy. And maybe just maybe, after 20 years, we will remember her as the first journalist girl who rode a bike in the streets of Cairo to work everyday. (:

I admit that I might not do that one day. But I promise I WILL do something great one day.

One day I’ll stop following and do something to lead the way (:

Yes yes I still believe I can change the world. Or even a small portion of it (:.