To one of the few people that leave me speechless!


I wasn’t planning on writing anything today, but then out of nowhere a VERY VERY DEAR FRIEND passed by me at home and gave me this amazing present.

She said it was for the occasion of my blog completing a month!

and she wrote a letter and tied them both with this ribbon I’m used to seeing.


Now I’m talking to you, ya R.H

C’MON!! NO ONE celebrated that except me !!!!

“enty bgd mesada2a nafsek? :D”

I’m never bored of this ribbon, you pass by me every time and leave me a very special thing on our door step.

a TBS donuts when I was taking a time out from the whole world. A waffle when I was panicking before my final exam. A “shawrma mn 3amayel tant eman” when I was about to break down before my last final exam.

And now a freaking new keyboard for my computer!


You leave me speechless like no other person! (:

Thank you for everything you’ve done to me, thank you for today and every other day, I’m truly blessed (:

thank you for the amazing 3rd letter – remember the yellow and grey one? and now the white one! (:

Thank you for giving me a reason to continue on writing, thank you for showing me that still after a month I’m getting to people’s hearts (:

And even though you have more than enough going on in your life, you did what you did. You and YOUR SISTER define altruism.

I love you from the bottom of my heart (:


P.S” due to the circumstances of my computer- you know it, I connected the keyboard to the laptop just to write this post with it =D”


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  1. Marwa Emam
    Oct 14, 2011 @ 19:10:56



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