Don’t let them hold you back ..

So you are sitting with a bunch of people (most probably your friends) and you’re telling them about something you really wanna do, a dream you wanna achieve, and you’re so excited about it!

And then BAM! to your surprise, they go like ” it’s so hard, how will you manage to balance both?”, ” don’t you think it’s too early to look for a job now when you’re still in college?” and etc..

Here’s my point of view: this person is telling YOU this because HE thinks he CAN’T do it!

So they are reflecting THEIR point of view on YOUR dream!

How on earth can YOU let that bring you down ?!!!

Believe in yourself; every person sees a different perspective in the same thing.

If YOU think you CAN, then DO IT! And if you failed, then at least you’ve tried; and you’re one step ahead of THEM (: