A whole month!

After I wrote a totally normal post I remembered that today is the 4th of October, which means that it has been a month since I started this blog; my dream.

And I’ve been planning for this topic for too long that I can’t even remember where I wrote the notes that came to my mind about then, so I’m gonna speak from the heart and write whatever comes to my mind.



I truly can’t express my feelings; the joy, the support, the effect on people’s lifes. This blog has really affected me more than anyone thinks. I now know I can/will do whatever I set my mind onto. It’s all about the “idea” accompanied by some hope, and then you start taking steps for the near future. You have got to take some actions! If you want something to happen, THEN MAKE IT HAPPEN!


I now look at things with a wider scope, I really consider how things will look from another person’s point of view as well, it’s not just about me anymore.


And let me tell you something, honestly after a week, I had my own serious doubts about what the hell am I doing with this blog?! I wasn’t sure if I was writing what comes to MY mind, or I writing what’s on PEOPLE’S minds.

Eventually,  after a lot of thinking, now I know that I write for both, because at the end, I share a lot of my worries, thoughts, and happy moments with a lot of people, and not necessarily people I know. Because in a way or another we’re all similar in a different way.


And because the first word I ever wrote on this blog was ” Aspire to Inspire”, I always insisted on doing so, and  I did! After a month there are so many people that look up to every day’s post, and amazingly they could really relate to most of the posts. Unfortunately This turned into a bit of a responsibility; But it’s my favorite kind of responsibility; the inspirational responsibility (:


At last, I really would like to thank all the people that have supported me since the beginning of this. THANK YOU. Starting from the one’s that kept pushing so I would start a blog, to the ones that follow every day’s post and give me a regular feedback. I thank you with all my heart (:


And yeah I truly wish I’d live to witness the day where I would write my ” A whole freaking year!” post (:


Good night every body (: