رسالة إلى من يهمه الأمر

My life is going to turn into a big mess if I don’t do something about it.


I mis-prioritized so many stuff in my life lately.

I can’t find any time for the things and people that used to be so important to me (they still are). It’s crazy and wrong I know! But I can’t help it!


Because lately we both know that new stuff came up in my life, and I can’t do anything about that. The only thing I could do is care a little bit more about those things, based on the fact that everything new in your life needs a much bigger effort than the old guarnteed stuff!! Apart from the fact of how important this is to me.

And I can’t go around explaining to everyone that, I just need them to understand, and give me some time to adjust.


I’m sure I’ll find a way to handle all the drama, and the demanding people around. I always do.

I just need to get things in perspective again..





The other side of me.

Underneath all the craziness and randomness, there is a totally different me that’s waiting to be discovered, only by someone who has the key to that hidden side of me.

Someone who’s able to see through me, and is totally okay with me being the dark and twisty character, and still enjoys the crazy & shinny side of me the following day!

I’m a totally complex combination. And I just love ittt! (:

If I were a boy..

How does it feel to be a boy with a broken heart?

We girls aren’t angels, we sometimes break others hearts. We can become so cold hearted and cruel at times!


I have never thought about how would a boy feel if he was so much in love and at the end he was stabbed in the back by his one and only.
Do they think of getting revenge from every girl after her, or do they lose hope in love and give up and just mess around whenever they can.
Or maybe the smallest portion of them says:” maybe this is not meant to be, I’ll find someone else one day.”


I am not saying i get it, because i don’t.
Because  I believe that girls and boys definitely don’t feel the same after a break up.
And to me, it’s more of who was deeply involved in this relationship, and not only about their genders. Girls are soft and kind, boys can be too.


I hope that all the broken-hearted boys know that we’re not all the same, we’re not that cruel and indifferent.

من أعماق قلبي

we fall and we rise.

we lose friends. we lose family. we lose love. And we even lose ourselves sometimes!

we’re swinging! we make decisions, take paths, and we sometimes reach a dead-end. we give up and shatter. we stand up and fight. we lose and we win.

We are what we are, because we’re meant to be. We face what we face, because we’re supposed to learn from it. we sometimes lose to appreciate victory. We are who we are! Never be ashamed of that!

Be true to yourself, there is no need to lie to your mind. It’s the only thing that I guarantee you, won’t leave you behind. It might fail you one day, but still the next day, you could still be friends again!

All the scars you have, all are a sign of where you’ve been. It shows that you’re a fighter. It shows you Human Progress. your progress! And God if we only look back and appreciate what we had and what we have right now, if we only look back and understand that really everything happens for a reason, and that everything WILL be okay in the end. Even if it’s an unexpected bad okay, still you’ve benefited from it by a way or another- you might not know it now. But God has a purpose, God has a bigger picture that we will never be able to comprehend. God puts obstacles along the way, leaves us on crossroads; only to test our actions. And in the end I believe you’ll go through whatever you’re meant to go through, but it’s YOUR choice to do it the right way by God on your side, or maybe just take the easy way out, and lose your morals along the way.

If we only knew what God has kept away from us, we’d fall more in love with where we are. we’d fall more in love with our merciful creator.

لعله خير



All she wanted to hear is ” Calm down, we’re all in this together. And I promise it will get better.”


As simple as it might seem, it would have made the biggest difference ever!



.ضاقت فلما استحكمت حلقاتها فرجت وكنت ظننت أنها لن تفرج

The return!


I am back from an extended weekend that lasted 4 days, I’m back from sharm elsheikh!

I’m back to cairo.

I’m leaving behind the gorgeous  sea and sky, I’m leaving behind the random sweetness of totally random foreigners , only to find polluted air and traffic jam.

I’m back to the stress of life!

I’m back ladies and gentlemen! With (supposedly) a clear mind and a renewed energy.

And I’m writing this note while am on the plane with literally clouds underneath me and the plane is swinging in zigzags and my ear is about to blow, so I had to do something to take my mind off the idea “that maybe, just maybe THIS plane I’m on right now, is going to fall in the red sea and that the sharks will finally have a good meal to eat.”

Love! What can she say.

To her, it’s just a word that is only defined by the people who have experienced it, and God every person really does have a different opinion and perspective.

She has never fallen in love, never knew how it feels to be loved back and cared for around the clock.

Never knew how it feels to have someone to call at the middle of the night and just stay silent until she falls asleep.

She never planned for this to take that long, but somehow she always falls for the wrong person, although she says she won’t. Although she says she’s in control, and that her heart mustn’t take over her mind, because she knows that emotions usually pulls a person off the right track. It makes everyone go soft, And she’s not the type of person that would go soft and be okay with it!

She’s a hardcore, she’s everyone’s safe harbor. When she falls, she falls hard, and hits the ground strong enough to shatter all around the place. But she never lets anyone pick her up. Yes she is a stubborn hardcore girl. And no man will ever change that.

But whatever she says or complains of, she’s thankful that at the end of the day, no one will make her go there and do that except her parents. She’s thankful that she doesn’t have to finish her phone credit on phone calls arguments over a boy that asked her about the clock but someone else only sees it as hitting on her.

She’s thankful that at the end of day, she’s single and going.

She’s a living proof that no women should cripple her life because of a man. That any women could go on without a male gender guiding her through.

However I know that their presence adds a special taste to life, and somehow makes a different, but that doesn’t mean she can’t enjoy life unless they are present, right?

And if A women could live her life before with a man, I’m sure she will know how to continue later on without him. Men come and go. Only good ones stick by your side until your 80 and lying on your hospital bed. Those the ones whom she’s ready to go soft for, to have arguments everyday with, to allow them to give orders about her lifestyle.

So she waits, she waits until someone from this kind of species shows up, and until that day comes, She’s gonna blast her days, and go around happily as she could ever be about being a single girl.

Yes, I’m truly single and proud.

An extended weekend!

I’m taking a 4-day break.

I’m traveling.


I guess I need the break! The coming week is going to be a living hell!       HA3!


P.S” No notes for the coming four days, unless I found an internet connection.”


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