I’M BEGGING YOU TO READ! this is important :)

NO NO I couldn’t wait till 12 pm!

So here I’m trying to sort out my ideas and organize them so I could REALLY get to you this time. I’M REALLY INSPIRED. I’m really writing my heart out, I’m not keeping a thing for myself this time!


So here’s the story; enahrdah kont fy event zeyara l dar mosenen fy masr elgededa esmo elsafa, elmosenen ely henak byb2a weladhom msh 2adren y-take care of them fa bydfa3olhom kol shahr mabla3′ 3shan ye3odo henak. Some receive visits from their families , and some are totally abandoned.

ro7na kano ta2reban kolohom a3deen fy hall kebera keda w fy wa7ed b 3ood by3zef. awl manzar da5lt shofto: by3’ano w bysa2afo fy far7a 3arema! men both elvolunteers w elold people. did I mention eny kont sam3a “elza3’aret” mn eldor ely t7t. o3’neya wara o3’neya, w mara w7da, 2amet wa7da ter2os with the biggest freaking smile ever drawn on her face!

b3d lama elragel beta3 el3ood meshy, it was time for the real thing; kol wa7ed ye3od m3 mosen yetkalem m3ah.

b 3’ad elnazar eny kont balef w msh a3da m3 7ad wa7ed, fel a5er karart arou7 a3od m3 el7aga “3azeza” 3shan she really grabbed my attention; i thought that she was too freaking cute to sit alone.


hafselko 3n elkesa sawany w a2ol eny de AWL MARA arou7 dar mosenen w kont 5ayfa m3rfsh at3amal – like most of ely kano gayen. (zay belzabt elbenten ely awl mara ashfhom fy 7ayaty la2ethom wa2fen m7taren kda fa ro7t b kol besata wana m3rfsh 7ad fehom w i opened a conversation w fel a5er entahena en homa msh 3rfen yet3amlo fa ana basat elmawdo3 w 2oltelhom shyfen elset ely henak de, mafesh atyab menha, she won’t say much fa i guess this is a good start for you both; they smiled and went to her…. I was thanked fy a5er elyom (: )

elmohem ro7t a3dt m3aha w a3dt as2alha 3ala awladha w a7fadha, and I could see a spark of happiness in her little pretty eyes. she was laughing on every word I said. she didn’t have much to say to me, but i insisted to just sit there with her. And in a split of a second as I was staring her way; i found tears about to run down my cheek, I excused myself quickly and went for a walk.

This has never ever happened to me. EVER!

I returned with a biggest smile on my face back to her, made her drink her juice and I said goodbye because it was getting late and I had to leave. And after I did, I came back again just to have a photo with her. I asked her If i could have a photo with her, and she’s like ” ah ya 7abebty tb3an etfadali” and then the lady next to her ” wana kaman 3yza atsawar”. I took the two photos and ran to the stairs so no one would know that I was about to crack up again!!


That was my story.


I’ll also have to share some of my friend’s stories. 5 menhom kano a3den m3 set; 7afza elqur2an sam MSA. kant bt7eky ezay lama yekono 3yzen yetlobo 7aga, ye2olo do3a2 eh. she was dictating one of them. She was so happy she could actually tell this to someone other than herself. kant fe3ln 3yza tefdhom b kol ely 3ndaha.


Another story: of a man who came into the nursing home recently. After I heard from the lady in charge there that he is too depressed to do anything, I told two of my friends to have a little chit chat with him; not knowing if they will succeed in getting to him or not. After a while I saw them increasing to 4, and then to my surprise I found them heading to his room that was full of people; around 7 were sitting with him. He was cool again. (:


I could tell you a bunch of other stories, but You’ll never know how it feels until you see for yourself.

All they need is someone to show them that they care, even for a hour or two.


so to whoever is afraid to take this step, I’m begging you to do it! it’s worth it. Totally worth it!

w eza kan dah eleffect beta3hom 3alaya men sa3ten bas, I wonder how will they feel today. I’m sure they will hold onto this day forever (:

Ana fe3lan msh 3rfa a2oloko eh,  bas ana katba elpost dah msh 3shan a2ol eny 3mlt, bas fe3lan I couldn’t keep this to myself abadan!

ana enhrdah shoft REDA w EBTESAMA w SA3ADA w NAKA2 w TEBA mashoftoosh fy 7ayaty! elatmosphere in the room was full of giggles and smiles. ana mafesh wa7da basetlaha fy 3enaha ela w la2etha betabtasm ebtesama 3areda!! (sawa2 volunteer aw an old lady).

elnas henak msh bygelhom zeyarat keter, da5ltna 3alehom kant bel donia, kol shewaya 7ad ys2al hatego tany emta!


fa this is a note to myself w anyone who bothered to read this till the end, life isn’t about the new car and haircut, about the latest mobile and latest fashion style. There IS MORE!. I’m not saying don’t enjoy your life, la2eno mahma kan brdo de hatb2a ehtemamat b3d menena, I’m just saying that YOU should pay your debt to the society.



W law 7ad interested fy any coming events, let me know so I could keep you updated isA.


P.S: elmas2ola 3n eldar told me en el3omal henak m7tagen felos 3shan elmoratab 2olaayel w elmowaslat 3’alya w kda, fa law ay 7ad 3yz yetbara3 b ay 7aga, isA 10 geneh ( 10 geneh mn 10 ash5as t3ml meya) please please let me know.


3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Haidy
    Oct 01, 2011 @ 00:40:13

    bgd men a7la ayam 7ayaty!
    thank u Noha that u made me feel this feeling


  2. Noha
    Oct 01, 2011 @ 00:48:25

    This note has made me realize how self-centered life made me be and it reminded me that a person could easily get occupied over trivial things like “A new car” and forget that he doesn’t live alone and that he is blessed in so many ways, the least of them is that he is surrounded by people who loves him that much.
    i still hate you though for making me cry ! don’t ever do it again !

    I’ll tell you this, tomorrow I’ll find someone that i don’t know and I’ll try to help him by any means possible and I’ll kiss my parents and my grandmother in their cheeks and wish them a happy day. i promise you.


  3. Noha Ahmed
    Oct 01, 2011 @ 00:59:54

    HAIDYYY I’m really really glad 🙂

    elpromise ely 3mlteeh dah bgd howa ely by5aleny akamel!
    takabal allah mokadaman 🙂
    I’m proud of u bgd 🙂



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