What could have been if ..

Today, I payed the GUC a visit with two of my best friends. This was the first time I went there after I decided am not going to go through with the registration anymore and that I’m applying for the faculty of economics and political science in Cairo university. After I spent my whole senior year at school taking the replacement tests there, and almost payed the fees for the first semester, my Life took a HUGE TURN; my grades actually got me into one of the top faculties in the country -as it’s said.

I walked through the halls wondering how would my life be, if today was just my normal day.

Of course I didn’t have the answer to that question, but I had another answer for a totally different question. Oh yes I’m definitely happy with the place I ended up at, I couldn’t be more grateful for the friends I’ve made, the things I learned, and the activities I got into.

I know that we humans always complain, and yeah I do that too. I complain a lot from my college- you still haven’t seen it yet, but that doesn’t mean that at the end of the day when I get to sleep, I smile for having the chance to live this life.



I’m thankful el7amdolellah. Even though right now at this moment, I want to break something or even kill somebody, but I know I’ll wake up okay tomorrow isA. (:


Good night everybody (:


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