Charity gives you clarity (:

Driving on “elda2ery” for more than half an hour gave me the chance to just stare at the cars and think about nothing! but then while I’m sitting by the window starring, I caught myself saying “ana nefsy akaras nafsy l 3amal el5eer” ALL OF A SUDDEN with a slightly loud voice.


I love charity work, and how it revolves around putting people first, even for a day. And how it’s mainly about the fact that YOU wanna be the reason of SOMEONE else’s smile (:. THAT’S SOMETHING! (:

So this year, I have a great opportunity to do so, as some of you might know, I’m head one for all committee in a student activity in our faculty (imEU). It’s a committee that plans charity work and events through out the year. And I really can’t wait for us to start isA! (:


So I sincerely hope that when I dip myself into charity work, Hopefully I’ll find a meaning to my life. I’ll be a part of something bigger than me. Because now you’re unselfish enough to make some time for others, not only for yourself.


Are you bored with life? Then throw yourself into some work you believe in with all you heart, live for it, die for it, and you will find happiness that you had thought could never be yours. – Dale Carnegie


And as I always say, I believe in the magic of a smile, but when it’s a smile of a needy person, It means even more! And we could all learn something for that- BE THANKFUL for every little thing. While you’re nagging about not having for example various kinds of something, other people are just hoping for a single kind of that something!


And as they say ” ely yeshof balwet 3’ero, tehon 3aleh balweto”. Even though I didn’t see much, but I thank God because I know that what’s actually out there, is even beyond anyone’s imagination!


So as not to leave you wandering after you read this topic, here’s a link to an event. It’s a visit to a nursery home.  Please take the time to check out:

And feel free to ask me about any more details 🙂


Kelma mn elmo2alef 3shan ma7shoren fy zory!! haha 😀 : ana bgd msh ba2ol elkalam dah 3shan akne3ko ento tego elevent aw whatever, bas ana fe3lan moktane3a en elwa7ed lama yesed 7aget 3’ero, this is what community is all about! eno fy nas needy w nas m3aha t-give elneedy. to me that’s a kind of RESPONSIBILITY! I know we’re not that obliged to do so, but in a way WE ARE!

3shan kda wala kda elnas de fy mogtama3na, by not helping, it’s like you’re allowing them to PULL the whole community downwards. You wanna have a better a society, start from down there! They are so close to being the majority in our society. I think we should ACT!


and don’t start with the useless talk about how a single person can’t do anything! Every human being is born to do something, I know that for sure. And every person CAN do a change if he WANTS to.


C’mon people, act (:!


W isA I’ll be updating you about more events coming soon isA.


Good night =]


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