Think carefully before you act..

Did you ever notice that the society we’re trying to imitate is a totally messed up a society?


Let’s see.

let’s take the American society as an example (knowing that all the information I’m writing is totally from the movies, I’ve never been there! =D )

It’s normal for their kids to leave at age 18, to go to college and work a night shift. It’s totally okay to get engaged in a relationship at the any age they want;  therefore most of them get pregnant too soon. And some of them have a hard time to identify the real father. They give their kids to adoption or try to raise them, when they actually can’t afford their own living. They turn to drugs, self harm etc.

I’m not saying that that’s the way with ALL the people. I know that there are people that keep themselves to marriage, that prohibit their kids to date too early, that put an eye on their kids and their friends. I KNOW!

But that restriction is based upon some morals they stick to. These parents were raised by a partially conservative family.


Now let’s see our society!

We’re mainly restricted by a religion we love, cherish, and obey willingly.

We stay in our parents home till we’re actually ready to get marry and have our own job and home.

We don’t get engaged in relationships too early. We’re preserved to marriage 🙂


NB: you know of course that I’m talking about the normal people- the majority; because I know of course that there is a category in our society that does that too! But I like to call them a minority that suffer from a decay of morals.


So before we race to be like them, to act like them, to think like them; I think we should think TWICE!

And I’m not of course saying that we should totally block their traditions, I’m saying that we should CHOOSE what we take!

OBSERVE AND CHOOSE what suits your culture, what suits our society, what suits our religion…

That’s what should happen with all the surrounding cultures, we should look at them and try to figure a way to EXTRACT what’s good for us, and shape it for our progress. It’s time to stop  following, because we used to lead before. 🙂

Have a beautiful evening =)


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