Just a theory

If you’re being stabbed in the back; know you’re in front.

If you’re being shut down a lot, know that your light is blinding them.

If you’re being pulled back, know that you’re ahead.



Friends can do so much to you if you’re not careful enough, they can bury you under the surface of the ground, or raise you to the highest sky.

But after all it’s up to you.


Choose your peers; they shape you whether you want it or not.



4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Ahmed Nabih
    Sep 23, 2011 @ 04:02:23

    This branches from the global theory known as “Conspiracy Theory” =P
    I don’t believe those theories you mentioned above. I see it’s a way to blame others for what could have been your own mistake. Before you make a judgement, make sure your slate is clean =)

    About choosing peers, they absolutely affect you. But you can control the effect limitations. Because if you monitor yourself and you monitor the people around you. You can recognize the differences and after sometime you will notice how they affected you. That’s when you measure if this effect is positive or not, or in which situations can it be positive and which can’t. So it’s naïve if you know you’ve changed negatively and you know it, and still you give in to it saying that you can’t change back!


  2. Noha Ahmed
    Sep 23, 2011 @ 14:31:48

    bos ana m3ak fy kol kelma 2oltelha about en ehna we should look around w neshof ehna et3’yrna lel aw7ash wala ela7san. I’m totally with it!

    bas sa3at “betangaref :D” m3 eltayar, w sa3at beta5od balak mt2a5r, w sa3at 7ata law enta 3aref enha w7sha, still bt-stick lel new traditions de.

    It happens.

    And I still do believe en friends could hold you back, msh darory 3shan 7aga w7sha fehom, bas ely howa ye2olo” la2 de s3ba awe” w elkalam dah, fa enta betea5ed men el7aga msln if u trust their opinion awe. Otherwise law enta determined 3l 7aga de, 5alas it wont matter much, I think 😀


    • Ahmed Nabih
      Sep 25, 2011 @ 01:32:31

      True, it depends on if they’re going to do this “very hard” thing with you, because then, dragging them along will be really great OR really disappointing and you’ll easily take the blame 😀
      But if you’re asking for their opinion whether they think you should do it or not, they should differentiate between THEM doing that thing and YOU wanting to. So if they know you well enough, they’ll know better what to say =)


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