Might be the story of my life…


I always had this point of view regarding appreciation. And since this issue has been crucial to me the last month or two, I decided to come clean about it with you guys.


The thing is I believe that everyone should be treated according to his WORK rather than the RESULTS.

Not convinced?


Let’s go through this slowly.

What if a person puts all his effort into something (and you know this) but at the end due to certain circumstances something went wrong and the expected result wasn’t maintained! HOW ON EARTH COULD YOU BLAME HIM -knowing that he did his best of course.


Let’s take a personal example that I believe could happen to all of us.


When it comes to parents and studying!

They know you’ve been working your ass off the whole year, and then when the results are out, oh damn! we were expecting  a higher grade!


let’s analyze this particular situation.

What if there was a mis-correction in the paper or a misjudgment from the Doctor, how on earth can I know, and what on earth am I supposed to do about it?!

why can’t they put into consideration the things that are totally out of our hands?!

How can they not think about how important this is to us as well. We’ve worked so hard for it through out the whole year, so YES we’re pissed as well for not getting the grade we wanted! So for God’s sake, stop blaming us!


So now here comes the thing I will always take care of if I am meant to be a parent one day.

Now I know that my kid has done her best in this, and no one usually gets it right from the first time. SO! How about if I comfort her for the night and let her know that I understand that she has done her best, and then maybe next day I’d have a little chit chat about how she could reach HER GOAL the NEXT TIME!



So dear fellow friends, I know this is TOO SOON to talk about, but please if your kid ever goes into this kind of situation make sure that you don’t bring them down. Everybody messes up, and every one deserves a second chance.


So make sure that you don’t screw this up and force him/her unconsciously to give up before even trying the next time. Because yes they didn’t reach our/their goal but I’m sure they’ve learned other things that are as important as the result we wanted, but we’re just too blinded to see that.


So to sum it all up, I’ll leave you with a sentence I came up with yesterday:

Dreams enable us to put a plan (desired goal).

Hope enables us to overlook the silliness and hardness of any plan.

Enthusiasm helps us to start our journey.

and appreciation is what keeps us going ….



And at last I’d like to leave you with a video that I sincerely ADORE! to help you get started. And from my place, I’d like to wish all my friends that started college the best of luck. DO YOUR BEST AND PROVE THEM WRONG (:.



That’s my point of view anyway, and I’m very willing to listen to anyone that disagrees (:

Sleep tight! =]


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Ahmed Nabih
    Sep 21, 2011 @ 02:59:44

    So I was gonna write something about the topic you wrote about but then I watched the video and now I don’t remember what I had in mind 😀
    That video, is plain great 😀


  2. Noha Ahmed
    Sep 23, 2011 @ 14:43:05

    if only we could stick to it!! 😀


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