We all have things in common, one of those things is that we all screw up, we ALL do big time. But we also share the fact that we all have this friend that we could run back to after screwing everything up, and ask them to forgive us, and they probably do. Don’t we all have this friend that we just LOVE to share secrets with, that one friend who knows your family, that one friend whom your parents love so much. And for ALL of that WE’RE LUCKY!


So dear specific friend, You NEVER fail to amaze me. To me, you’re exceptional. I love us, I love how we act stupid not caring about rules, and I love you for who I’m with you. You brought out the best in me. You brought out a side I didn’t know it existed. SERIOUSLY! I couldn’t ask for more!

See this picture, Two days Ago I found it, and like most pictures I saved it, not knowing that today it would make PERFECT sense.

With all my heart I thank God for having you, and I’m sorry for messing up. I have no idea what got into me. You deserve better (:.



To everyone who has messed up anything, to everyone who made a dear friend upset, PLEASE MOVE and DO something about it! please don’t be that person who hurts other people, that gives up on them. BE A BETTER PERSON! I know it’s tiring to keep up all with all the surrounding HUMAN BEINGS, but we try to do our best anyway.



P.S: Congratulations to my friend who was inspired by this blog to start his own blog. I couldn’t be more proud. You gave me hope (:


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