My senseless story!


She’s walks through the streets. She walks alone. From a pavement to the other. With her heart on her sleeve, she passes by the place they used to meet. She stops and stares. The world is moving too fast for her, and she’s stuck somewhere she can’t recognize. Although she wants to move on, but she’s sinking deeper to the ground. She can’t breathe anymore. Suddenly she remembers why she’s out on the streets today. She gets herself together and moves one step at a time. She’s there; she reached her destination. She’s alone again, no one is around, it’s getting late and scary out in here.

She’s telling him how life has been hard on her lately, how everything changed since the last time she has seen him. And how she misses the quietness they used to enjoy every Saturday at sunset by the lake beside their house. She’s sad because their dog won’t go out anymore to play. If only she could hold his hand one last time, if only they could spend the evening reading comic books and laughing to tears about it.

She’s fading more everyday. Nothing makes sense anymore. Her mind is a mess. She needs to hold onto something. She needs a reason to live again.

Oh how she wishes she could turn back time …



It’s time to go now, She drops the flowers by his grave, turns around and leaves with tears running down her face …

The END ..


I wasn’t in the mood to write anything that makes sense today, my head is a mess, and I’m not pushing myself. Not today.


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