This one time is for me.

After having one of “those” nights, I woke up feeling like I was drunk last night. But I got up anyway, went to the kitchen, made myself a sandwich, and took it to out to the balcony. And now with my laptop in front of me, I’m opening this draft with absolutely no idea what I’m going to write.

So I’m just going to write what comes to my mind. –My Traditional random thoughts.

– Those who stick with you through the hard times before the good ones, are the ones worth fighting for.

-Am unexpected message from an old friend, always brings up good memories (:. (If you’re reading this, I thank you for reminding me how this blog meant so much to me even when we were still young.)

– I should be happy, shouldn’t I? Am I being ungrateful? Am I making it up?

-Whenever you feel like you own the world. Think again! because no one gets it all together for too long. The shaky ground beneath you will soon fall apart.

-The scattered pieces  before my eyes, make it hard to think about going through that, for the very same reason again. I’m starting to lose faith in love anyway.

-I tied the song to the idea of you, now I can’t bare listening to it. You made me hate one of my favorite songs.

– I still miss her presence sometimes. It has never been the same since you’ve been gone. Too bad all the pictures and memories I had are starting to fade, but aren’t we all lucky to have cameras?

-Why can’t they get it? Being a teenager is truly tiring and exhausting. Having to fit in everyday, faking smiles every once and a while, having to struggle to prove yourself. It all eats up a piece of you everyday. That’s why when we grow a little older, WE CHANGE; we become new people.

-Lately, I have literally been taking advantage of every dramatic scene I see, to let it all out.

-I’ll be a better parent, I promise.

-It gets really dark before every dawn.

– You’re going to have to live with the fact that sometimes there are so many things that you won’t be able to control. You can’t change fate.

-Look at the stars, look how they shine for you. And everything you do, and they were all YELLOW. – Grateful!

-And every time I sit by the sea I wonder just like a little kid,” where the hell does the sun go?”

-I’m not going to shape you to suit me. you will be who YOU chose to be. I’m getting myself out of this.

-I have been having this urge to watch cartoon for the past couple of days. I miss that silly old “childish” feeling so much. I truly hate grown up news!

– I don’t feel secure anymore, it’s getting a little more scary everyday. If that’s the way it’s going to be, by the end of the year, I might not get out of my home anymore.

And finally, one of my favorite random thoughts:

-making lots of friends isn’t as tiring as trying to keep up with all of them!


I think that this is the closest thing you’ll ever see of me. I’m sure not all of you will get this the way I mean it, only the ones that truly know me will know the source of every single idea. But I believe that every one of you will relate to this by a way or another.

It’s 5 in the morning, and I’m heading to sleep again, so good night everybody.


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