Heads up!! It’s not just only you :)

Two days ago, I had a heart to heart conversation with one of my dearest friends, we were on our way back from a meeting we had. And as usual we were laughing and telling jokes until the talk took a serious turn, and we started talking about a problem. A problem we both shared. I was kind of inspired to write about it when I got home, and then I backed off and thought it wouldn’t be familiar with others. And then after a day, comes along a very good friend of mine telling me she has the same problem as well.  And that’s when I decided to do something about it through the blog. You’re all wondering what the hell is the problem? I’ll tell you.

It’s when you have “things” you want to say to someone but just can’t get it out of your mouth!

And I’m not talking about the scene where a girl explains her crush to a boy or vice verse, am talking about an ordinary talk between two friends, and you just can’t tell them how much you love them and appreciate their presence in your life. Simple as it seems, some people – including me, have a hard time expressing their feelings!

I believe every person should be able to express his feelings and say what’s on his mind whenever he feels the need to do so, considering that it is not a bad thing to say out loud.

So to every single person out there having this problem, Please please I’m asking you to do some effort to change this. And I’ll tell you a few stuff to start with.

I heartily believe that there’s a reason holding you back; it might be a hidden one, it’s buried deep deep down and you usually never think about it a lot and definitely not many people know about it. So if that’s the case with you, then have a heart to heart conversation with someone close, preferably a wise one! 😀 and try to point out the reason. For example:  you might be afraid to lay it all out in fear of someone exploiting how you truly feel about them. Or another scenario: you’re afraid that when you lay it all out, a day comes by and they leave you, and you’ll develop this sense of betrayal, ” I shouldn’t have told them.”.  And finally one of the MOST important reasons that comes to my mind; is that you are thinking that you are a cold-hearted person! BUT YOU’RE NOT. No one of us should think this way, I’m sure you have a lot of feelings inside, but you’re just having a hard time revealing them, that’s all. Or you might just have trouble with words, you simply can’t find the right words to say.

So yes I may not know all the reasons but I know some, and whatever the reason is, that SHOULDN’T hold you back at all. So listen to me carefully, some of us might share this problem but not all of us are on the same level. Because some of us may express by ACTIONS, others by words only etc …

Bottom line is: no one is devoid of emotions, although we might think we are. You just have to exert some effort to get over this. And if you’re a teenager just as myself, effort is a MUST. wondering why? Because simply our lives is just beginning, we still have marriage and a husband to deal with, and oh let’s not forget the kids! I’d definitely like to hear my kids tell me they love me everyday.

So after the chit chat, try telling someone you care about how you feel in a message (not face-to-face) and by time you’ll get used to writing what you feel, and after a while isA you’ll be able to tell them right to their faces (:.

Sorry for making it that long, but I really don’t want anyone to have to go through the negative thoughts of this issue alone. Last two sentences : Feedback is more than welcomed. And I’m here if anyone needs to have a chit chat 🙂

Good night everybody! ❤


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