Don’t you deserve better?

I'll scatter the ashes by the sea...

It’s normal that any human being is going to miss anything that he was accustomed to having around. But the thing is, it’s not always healthy to cling to our past. I know it’s easier to stick to the familiar, but after a while you’ll realize that it’s not as safe and comforting as you thought it would be. So let’s hope that each one of us will realize the fact that sometimes it’s way better to face the unknown than to be held back by our past.

So to anyone who’s refusing to let go and move on, I recommend that you have an honest chit chat with yourself. You should realize by now that it’s not bringing you any good, and it’s only reducing your future chances regarding anything. And you should also realize that maybe holding on is a sincere form of loyalty but it’s also an act of acceptance, and NOT a denial of what happened.When you bring peace to the past, you can finally move forward to the future.


If you want to reach out for something new, you must first let go of what’s in your hand. -Sonia Choquette


P.S: I promise that when you finally let go of the past, something better will come along (:. I know it’s hard and complicated, but you just have to cut the cord and see how it goes (:



1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. ahmed sherif
    Sep 10, 2011 @ 18:23:15

    🙂 nice words , truly inspiring 🙂


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