A justified weird wish..

Fact: I’ve always had this wish of being a boy instead!

Yes, I know It might seem a bit weird but I have my reasons!

Here’s the thing, ever since I was a little naive girl, I could spot out the privileges of being a boy especially in our society- the classical oriental society. When I was that little I didn’t really care about all the privileges except for one; the time when my mom approached me and said: ” Noha you can’t play  football any more, it’s just not for girls. So you’ll have to change your favorite sport!”. And ever since I kind of lost my interest in football, and I developed a thing against boys!

But now It’s a bit different, after growing up, I’ve seen, heard, and learned what’s like to be a girl in our community! Apart from the harassment thing- which i will have a post for later isA, I’m talking about that fact that APPROXIMATELY everything is okay and possible for a boy to do, but when it comes to a girl, it’s only up to her parents strictness…

I’m talking about their unrestricted will of running their life; a totally different lifestyle; things they do, places they hang at, etc..

However, if you really want to spot the difference, check out the behavior of  a bit reserved/strict family when they treat their son and daughter. Luckily I don’t have to go through this, but I’m sure a lot of you guys did.

But at the end I gotta say, I’m not totally against this, because after all we’re being control by the society’s traditions and a bit of what people think of us. And as we all know, a girl’s reputation is all she got, isn’t that right? So good parents must make sure that this happens. And now after having to think about the whole issue with a different perspective, I DO appreciate what my parents did for me, they way they raised me up, it made me who I’m today – a respected young lady (:. And I’m sure that’s the way I’ll raise my kids isA (:

And now, I can honestly say; I’m damn proud of being a girl… And even though there are so many things I still can’t do, but I’ve found a way around. We have our things as well; we get to look  stunning in night dresses, right 😛 ? And enjoy a girl’s night-in afterwards 😉

N.B: but that doesn’t stop me from envying the boys that walk down the street alone at 6 am! or the ones who return home at 4 am either! Sorry I can’t help it :D!


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