Bitter Sweet Love ..

Drifting away ..

It’s about the shinny light in your eyes when you lay eyes on him, and how you panic when he gets closer, and how you freeze when he speaks to you. It’s all about the butterflies you get when he asks for your number. It’s about that unforgettable minute when he FINALLY says it out loud; the minute that you both know will change his and your life forever, the minute that you hear what you’ve been longing for. Oh isn’t love so sweet?

But then it ALL suddenly changes; you’re crying on your bed waiting for him to call, he isn’t answering his phone anymore. The next day you find that he was up all night laughing and playing with his friends, while you were crying your heart out. You never thought of “this” when you said I love you back, did you?

This is how it goes when two people first start out they say a lot of things and make a lot of promises to each other. But somewhere down the line, the sweet things they once said become bitter words and the promises they swore in their hearts they would keep, are broken.

EXACTLY like this:

Strangers → Friends → Close Friends →

↓ ← ← ← ← ← ← ← ← ← ← ← ← ← ╝

Crush → Relationship → Heartbroken → Strangers.

Some of us have experienced the whole cycle, and others -including me, haven’t even started. But eventually we will ALL know what is it like to fall in love,have a broken heart,end a relationship you thought would never go wrong, and move on after all is said and done ..

But that ISN’T the way it has to go; Some people believe, they fight, and with fate along their side, they survive. We all wish for happy endings, and they DO happen. So to whoever is relating to this article, if you’ve been through it all, then I PROMISE after a while IT WILL BE OKAY. you’ll eventually learn that it’s time to let go and move on because people change, feelings fade, but life goes on anyway. And for the ones who are still experiencing the cycle, I’m asking you to Never take anybody for granted, because you never know what might happen, so cherish every “I love you”, remember every smile, and hold on to every memory while it’s right to do so.

I’ll leave you with a video I came across, it just sums it all up ..



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